Wellington Airport Parking


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25 Shelly Bay Road
Wellington 6022


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(04) 213 8938


Available by booking with us 7 days a week between 6:30 am and 10:00 pm.

Parking Near Wellington Airport

Our Wellington airport parking branch is located only 2 kilometres from the Wellington Airport terminal, the closest independent off-airport parking.


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Our shuttle runs on demand and usually takes less than 10 minutes travel time to get to or from the airport.

No long walk with your luggage required, and no need to think about the weather, we will shuttle you direct to and from the airport terminal building.


We are also well positioned for easy access from Wellington city and beyond.


Our Wellington Airport parking options are perfect for a few days or long term parking for a week or more.


To bring you the lowest possible prices, our pricing is based on the dates and duration of stay and also the time of day you drop-off and collect your vehicle, with pricing being lower for pick-ups and drop-offs in usual business hours and progressively higher for earlier & later times. We have taken this different and innovative approach to bring you the best possible overall pricing. To see the pricing for the dates and times you are interested in, please enter those details on our booking form and you can see the applicable price and continue to make your booking when ready.


As an example of our pricing, for drop-offs and pick-ups in the middle of the day, our current prices are:

Number of Days Stay           Price

1                                                $22

2                                                $32

3                                                $39

4                                               $46

5                                               $53

6                                               $60

7                                               $67


Pricing varies by time of day and season and is subject to change.


Best option for Wellington airport parking.

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