What we do & how we do it

We are the only off-airport parking services provider with locations in all three of our largest cities.

We aim to provide local travellers with an easier way to travel around New Zealand. Our mission is to create a one-stop-shop for your vehicle needs, with both airport parking and rental cars. Whether you are travelling from Auckland to Wellington for work, or Christchurch to Auckland to see family, you can get secure airport parking at your local branch with a complimentary shuttle to the airport. If your flight destination is one of New Zealand’s three largest cities, you can also book one of our rental cars and pick it up when you land to explore the local area. You will save time, money and stress since you won’t need to use or wait for public transport, taxi or rideshare to get to or from the airport. Start your journey relaxed and in comfort in your personal vehicle.

Our off-airport locations allow us to offer more competitive prices. We offer a flat rate after your first two days of parking. Money saved here can be put towards your trip. Since we also provide rental cars, we offer packaged “park n rent” deals if you’re flying to Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.